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 The Fingerpring Sourcebook

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PostSubject: The Fingerpring Sourcebook   Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:33 pm

The Fingerprint Sourcebook

by Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study and Technology (SWGFAST), et al.August 2011
The Fingerprint Sourcebook aims to be the definitive resource on the science of fingerprint identification. The Sourcebook was prepared by the International Association for Identification and topics covered include the anatomy and physiology of friction ridge skin (the uniquely ridged skin found on the palms and soles); techniques for recording exemplars from both living and deceased subjects; the FBI's Automated Fingerprint Identifications Systems (AFIS); latent print development, preservation and documentation; equipment and laboratory quality assurance; perceptual, cognitive and psychological factors in expert identifications; and legal issues.
Download the Complete Fingerprint Sourcebook (pdf, 422 pages)

  • Table of Contents and Preface (pdf, 6 pages)
  • Chapter 1: History (pdf, 18 pages)
    By Jeffery G. Barnes
  • Chapter 2: Anatomy and Physiology of Adult Friction Ridge Skin (pdf, 26 pages)
    By Alice Maceo
  • Chapter 3: Embryology, Physiology, and Morphology (pdf, 26 pages)
    By Kasey Wertheim
  • Chapter 4: Recording Living and Postmortem Friction Ridge Skin Exemplars (pdf, 18 pages)
    By Brent T. Cutro, Sr.
  • Chapter 5: Systems of Friction Ridge Classification (pdf, 26 pages)
    By Laura A. Hutchins
  • Chapter 6: Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) (pdf, 36 pages)
    By Kenneth R. Moses; Contributing authors Peter Higgins, Michael McCabe, Salil Probhakar, Scott Swann
  • Chapter 7: Latent Print Development (pdf, 68 pages)
    By Brian Yamashita and Mike French
  • Chapter 8: The Preservation of Friction Ridge Information (pdf, 21 pages)
    By Laura A Hutchins
  • Chapter 9: Examination Methodology (pdf, 26 pages)
    By John R. Vanderkolk
  • Chapter 10: Documentation of Friction Ridge Impressions: From the Scene to the Conclusion (pdf, 20 pages)
    By Alice V. Maceo
  • Chapter 11: Equipment (pdf, 13 pages)
    By Julieanne Perez-Avila
  • Chapter 12: Quality Assurance (pdf, 12 pages)
    By M. Leanne Gray
  • Chapter 13: Fingerprints and the Law (pdf, 26 pages)
    By Andre A. Moenssens and Stephen B. Meagher
  • Chapter 14: Scientific Research in the Forensic Discipline of Friction Ridge Individualization (pdf, 31 pages)
    By Glenn Langenburg
  • Chapter 15: Special Abilities and Vulnerabilities in Forensic Expertise (pdf, 24 pages)
    By Tom Busey and Itiel Dror
  • Appendices (pdf, 28 pages), includes:

    • Appendix A: Author and Reviewer Biographies
    • Appendix B: The Origin of the Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study and Technology (SWGFAST)
    • Appendix C: Members of SWGFAST
    • Appendix D: SWGFAST Standard Terminology of Friction Ridge Examination, Ver. 3.0

Printed copies. Limited hard copies can be ordered from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. While the Sourcebook itself is free, you will be required to pay shipping costs. Order The Fingerprint Sourcebook.
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The Fingerpring Sourcebook
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