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 Dark Ghost Blog Post 6

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PostSubject: Dark Ghost Blog Post 6   Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:56 pm

Woman in the river Deborah Underhill

On Friday, March 29, 2013 dispatcher receive a call 6:00 p.m. of a body found on the south bank of the Tennessee River off of Patton Chapel Road near Brown's Ferry marina just past Moccasin Bend that was found by two fishermen. This raises a few questions. Was she dumded there or up river? How long was she in the water before she was found? When I looked up the location I noted that there are high voltage power lines going form the South shore to the North shore. This gives someone easy access to the water and I immediately thought foul play. The next day the woman was identified as that of Deborah Underhill. Chattanooga Police have said that Underhill was reported missing late Thursday evening. She may have also been known as Deborah Faye Swafford who lived in the Red Bank and St Elmo areas. Now why two names ? I thought at first that it was changed because she was married the divorced or the reverse was the reason for two names. Then I thought why make note of it in a press release? Ms. Underhill lived in the Red Bank and St Elmo areas . Again this poses some question. Why make it a point to tell both the areas she lived in? What was the reason for the move? it is believed last Thursday Deborah Underhill was staying at a home on Tennessee Avenue. Ms. Underhill was known to frequent the downtown area, particularly the Public Library. The Medical Examiner’s Office has reported that there are injuries to her body which are suspicious in nature. What were those injuries? She was last seen on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. at the AIM Center, 472 W MLK Boulevard, Chattanooga and was wearing a tan plaid shirt, khaki pants, and white tennis shoes.

Nathan Hartwig with the Chattanooga Police Department, says "It's still just an undetermined death. It hasn't been ruled a homicide yet." this makes me ask WHY NOT?

Hartwig says, "There weren't any visible signs of foul play, but that's why we have to wait for the medical examiner's office." Well I say what about the suspicious injuries ?

Anyone who saw Underhill on Thursday or Friday is asked to contact the Chattanooga Police Department at 423-698-2525.

Deborah Underhill/Deborah Faye Swafford

was 5’05" tall,

weighted 177 lbs,

had shoulder length gray hair.

lived in the Red Bank and St Elmo

last seen on Thursday at the AIM Center, 472 W MLK Boulevard wearing a tan plaid shirt, khaki pants, and white tennis shoes.

I will update this post as more infomation is released or as I find more on my own.


I went Sunday and look around the area were the body of Ms. Underhill was found so now I am thinking about going a mile up river and walking the bank back to the location were the body was found.

The Death of Deborah Underhill has been ruled as a homicide. The Medical Examiner's report states the cause of death was strangulation and blunt force injury to the chest and abdomen. The report shows Underhill was beaten and bruised over much of her body and ultimately strangled to death.

Labels: Body found, Brown's Ferry marina, Chattanooga Tennessee, Dark Ghost, Deborah Faye Swafford, Deborah Underhill, North shore, Patton Chapel Road, Red Bank, River, South Shore, St Elmo, Suspicious Injuries
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Dark Ghost Blog Post 6
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